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Bob Issel's 1999 DS Festival Pics

Page Two

In this pic you see a room that has "not been viewed" in years. It is the original "Grand Ballroom." Over the years the Carey's had used it for storage, keeping it locked up so that the students couldn't due harm to it. Recently the school offered to fund monies to do renovations so that they could teach Ballroom Dancing in it.

Featured in the staircase photo starting with myself and going up are: (these are all screen names)

LouceeA, Barnster, Ken, GooieHeinz, Gail, V.O.S.R., MsCriseyde, Vampirich, Phredyeats & Sheenasma.

And of course you have the Tower Room. :>)

Our group gathered at the front doors of Seaview:

Front Row: MsCriseyde, Phredyeats, LouceeA, Sheenasma, Barnster, V.O.S.R. & Gail.

Back Row: Vampirich, GooieHeinz, Ken, Bobubas & DRKSONE.

Second photo depicts Cecelia Hall. This is the room that the Front Doors lead to. Musical concerts and other school related affairs are held in here over the course of the year.

Third photo: Closeup shot of the back of Seaview. In an early episode Victoria Winters is seen walking out of the door in the center of the photo.

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