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June 1998 Trip

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In early June of 1998, Bob Issel and some friends visited with Louis Edmonds at his home and also took a tour of some other DS sights. Some pics from his trip are listed below.

This photo of Nancy McKinney (Nancymck) and I is was taken inside Rose Cottage on the Lyndhurst Estate. Rose Cottage is the playhouse the children used at the turn of the century.

Louis Edmonds & Bob Issel at Louis Edmonds' home. All the pix with Louis were taken at his home called The Rookery. The black shudders in the background are the ones he stole from Spratt house (The Old House on the show) on the Lyndhurst Estate.

Front Row : Bob Issel, Dean Wilson (Wolfboy).

Back Row : Jay Keaveny, Rudy Caine, Astrid Spencer (Beth_C), Mary Easley.

This pic of Anna Shock, Astrid Spencer (Beth_C) and I was taken in front of the Evans Cottage in Essex, CT.

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