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June 1998 Trip

Page Two

Nancy McKinney (Nancymck) and Astrid Spencer (Beth_C) are standing in front of a fireplace inside Seaview Terrace (TV's Collinwood) in Newport, R.I.

Dean Wilson (Wolfboy), Bob Issel, Guy Haines (Gooie), Nancy McKinney (Nancymck), Louis Edmonds, Astrid Spencer (Beth_C).

This pic of 9 of us sitting was taken on the famous Cliffwalk (Widows Hill) in Newport, R.I.

Front Row : Kathy ? (Aimee), Rudy Caine, Jay Keaveny, Mary Easley, Astrid Spencer (Beth_C), Bob Issel.

Back Row : Dan Gauteri, Leslie Gauteri, Steve Shutt (Gothick).

Guy Haines (Gooie), Louis Edmonds, Mary Easley.

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