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June 1998 Trip

Page Three

Front Row : Astrid Spencer (Beth_C) and Mary Easley.

Back Row : Anna Shock, Bob Issel, Rudy Caine (and of course the heads of Josette and Angelique).

Mrs. Shock, Rudy Caine, Nancy Kersey (Redsnappr), Dean Wilson (Wolfboy), Helen Samaras, Bob Issel, Astrid Spencer (Beth_C), Mary Easley's hand, Janet Ferraro (Daphne).

Dean Wilson (Wolfboy), Mary Easley, Bob Issel, Steve Shutt (Gothick), Rudy Caine, Kathy ? (Aimee), Anna Shock, Astrid Spencer (Beth_C), Nancy McKinney (Nancymck).

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