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The Dee Kearney Gallery Of Dark Shadows Pics

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NOTE: All of the following pictures are the property of DEE KEARNEY. None of the images or text on these pages may be utilized in any way, shape or form without her prior written permission.

You will not be able to right click on the pics and save them to your harddrive. So, please, just look at the pics and enjoy them. Thank you....Dee.

Donna McKechnie (Left) & Dee Kearney's picture was taken on October 18, 1997 at the Walnut Street Theatre in Philadelphia right after Donna's performance in "The Goodbye Girl".

Thayer David & Dee Kearney outside the ABC-TV Dark Shadows studio in 1969.

This picture of Jonathan Frid was taken by me on August 29, 1968 in Philadelphia at the Bellevue Stratford Hotel. Jonathan was on his promotion tour. This one in Philadelphia was for a WFIL -TV Channel 6 promotion. The girl in the picture on the left is my friend Karen Butler.

This pic of Grayson Hall and Edith Tilles was taken by me at the ABC-TV DS studio in August of 1970.

David Henesy and Grayson Hall - DS Studio - 1970. Prior to Dee snapping this pic, David joked and asked, "Are you REALLY going to take a picture of Grayson in her curlers?"

Grayson Hall and David Selby at the DS Studio.

David Henesy at the DS studio.

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