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The Dee Kearney Gallery Of Dark Shadows Pics

Page Fourteen

A photo of me with Grayson Hall at her apartment. When we were at the studio earlier that day, the make-up man Dennis Eger gave me some white make-up to put on my face so that I would look like a ghost. That was the day Kate Jackson was putting white make-up on her hands and face to give her the "ghostly" effect as Daphne. I still had some of it on my face when this pic was taken. (8/14/70)

Read about my visit with Grayson

A close-up of Grayson Hall at her apartment. (8/14/70)

Mother-to-be Diana Millay at the DS studio in February, 1967. Kiley was born on June 7, 1967. June 7 is also Diana's birthday!

A side view of Diana Millay taken on the same day.

A frontal view of Diana Millay.

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