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The Dee Kearney Gallery Of Dark Shadows Pics

Page Six

This photo was taken at our luncheon with Diana Millay at the Motown Cafe on Friday, October 30, 1998. The picture (from left and going clockwise) is of: Robert Finocchio, Diana Millay, (Deirdre Clerc-Tice's waving hand only!), "yours truly", Ann Wilson and Jim Pierson.

Another pic from our Motown Cafe luncheon on Friday, 10/30/98. Diana is opening one of my Halloween gifts I gave her. It was a little ceramic Halloween house which opened up with more Halloween scenes inside the house. That's Deirdre Clerc-Tice on the right.

L to R: Humbert Allen Astredo, Grayson Hall and Jonathan Frid. In the back, Robert Rodan. This picture was taken in 1968.

I got Lara Parker to autograph my copy of her new book "Angelique's Descent" in Bordentown, NJ. (11/21/98)

A closeup of Lara Parker in Bordentown, NJ. (11/21/98)

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