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The Joe Integlia Gallery Of Dark Shadows Pics

Page Twenty One

I live in hollywood and didnt have far to travel to attend the 2005 festival. I was on my way to the festival wearing a Night of Dark Shadows T-shirt. The doors to my elevator in my building opened and i entered. there was a man on the elevator who exclaimed,"I WAS IN THAT MOVIE". It took me a minute to realize who it was but then said hello to none other than JAMES STORM! He asked me if i lived in the building and i said yes and excitedly asked if he did too. He said no but he has a son that lives in the building. He informed me that he will be unable to attend the festival this year due to scheduling conflicts but sends his best wishes to all his fans.

Joan Bennett in a fan conducted interview videotaped by Guy Haines, speaks for her character Elizabeth and reveals a shocking secret.

That interview was done Sunday July 20, 1986 on the back porch of her home. The interviewer was DS fan CHRIS NOKES.

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