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The Joe Integlia Gallery Of Dark Shadows Pics

NOTE: All of the following pictures are the property of JOE INTEGLIA. None of the images or text on these pages may be utilized in any way, shape or form without his prior written permission.

Many thanks to Dee Kearney for scanning almost all of the following pics!

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Here is the latest picture of me with Lara Parker at a book signing ceremony for her new book, "Dark Shadows: The Salem Branch" held on July 29th, 2006 at the Dark Delicacies book store in Burbank, California.



Here are some pictures from the 2006 DS Fest.


Mini-Bio:  Born 11-16-60 in Philadelphia, PA.
Moved to L.A. 1986.
Works in TV/Video industry.
Owns small video company, J.T. Video.
Once worked at T.V. station in Atlantic City, N.J. 
that was airing reruns of D.S. in 1981.

Hope you enjoy the pictures!

Joe Integlia recreating the Victoria Winters running from the house photo at Seaview - 1987.

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