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An Evening with Patrick Macnee

The Avenger Continues

“An Evening with Patrick Macnee”, a scholarship fundraiser, was held on December 7, 2000, on the campus of Pasadena City College in Southern California. The event began with a tea followed by an interview by local talk-show celebrity Larry Mantle and an audience Q&A. Patrick Macnee is a true gentleman as well as a marvelous actor, and I could have listened to his stories for hours! A moment of silence was afterwards observed for 10 PCC alumni that died on this date at Pearl Harbor.

Mr. Macnee graciously signed autographs for fans as event planners simultaneously raffled several items, and then “Too Many Christmas Trees” (as this was the holiday season) -- one of the more surreal Avengers episodes and which also starred Dame Diana Rigg -- was screened in the auditorium. I had a great time and hope you enjoy my photos of the event.

More information on Patrick Macnee, including a bio plus photos, latest news, links to purchase his autobiography “Blind in One Ear”, his book “Avengers and Me”, and recordings of his books on tape and also links for Avengers episode guides are on his FANTASTIC official website:


***Note that an upcoming episode of “Frasier”, scheduled to air on February 6, will feature both Patrick Macnee and Sir Derek Jacobi. That date is also Mr. Macnee’s 79th birthday!

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Patrick Macnee is interviewed by Larry Mantle.

Speaking in front of poster of John Steed with trademark bowler hat and umbrella.

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