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Below is a site map of the Lyndhurst Estate in Tarrytown, NY. In the lower left area you can see where the Caretaker hand wrote the words "Spratt House" to indicate where the house once stood. From what I understand, the front of the house faced the Hudson River. On the map you can see the symbol for the train tracks that run parallel to the river. The Lyndhurst Mansion itself as an arrow pointing towards it, and you can see that Spratt House (the Old House) was south and a bit west of the beautiful mansion.

With all the interest about the Old House and its location of late, I have scanned photos of my Lyndhurst map, as well as a few photos that my friends and I took of the area where the Old House once stood.

Below is all that we were able to find on the location where the Old House once stood. In the upper left photo you can see the cement steps over my left shoulder. The lower left picture gives you a close up look of Rich Blanco standing on these steps. The upper right photo depicts what appears to be the concrete remains of a fountain. In all three photos, you can see the heavy overgrowth that surrounds the entire area. It was in this area in 1996 that I stepped on a board with a nail in it (I imagine a board that remained from when the house had burnt down) and I had to go to the Tarrytown, Hospital (Lower right photo) for a tetanus shot. :>) Hope you enjoyed the map and photos. See ya on the message boards. Bob